Two-Component Injection Moulding Process

Two-component injection moldings combine the material properties of two different polymers hard and soft, or reinforced and lubricated grades, for instance. Furthermore, multicoloured parts can be produced and even the interlocking connection of two nonadhesive plastics is possible. Therefore, a single component can satisfy a multitude of demands with respect to functionality and design. Added to this are economic and logistical advantages: The component is formed in a production sequence, meaning the cost and effort of assembly and postprocessing is done away with.

The advantages of the two-component injection moulding process at a glance:

+ Multifunctional. Different material combinations are possible.

+ Reliable. Fully automated manufacturing process; some steps with integrated testing station.

+ Economical. One of the manufacturing steps and additional or later assembly steps become obsolete.

+ Permanent. Solidly joined materials.

+ Sophisticated. Suitable also for highly demanding components

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